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BWOW Fitness

Our team faced the challenge of creating an Instagram platform for fitness enthusiasts that would stand out in a crowded market. We were determined to create something exceptional, despite tight budgets and time constraints.

To achieve this, we focused on delivering high-quality work within our budget and timeline. We carefully crafted a branding and identity that reflected the energy and passion of the fitness community while also setting us apart from competitors. Our logo design and color scheme were carefully chosen to convey a sense of strength, motivation, and empowerment.

Despite the constraints, we were able to deliver a final product that exceeded expectations. The result was a beautiful and engaging platform that truly resonated with our audience. We are proud to have delivered exceptional quality work within the given constraints, and we are confident that the BWOW platform will continue to inspire and motivate fitness enthusiasts for years to come.

Year: 2019

Services : Branding, Identity and Social Media Management

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