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Joulez EV

Our team had the pleasure of creating a branding and identity for Joulez EV, an exciting new start-up that specializes in electric vehicle technology. Joulez EV wanted to create a branding approach that reflected their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and clean energy.

To achieve this, we worked closely with Joulez EV to understand their mission and values. We conducted extensive research to identify design elements that would best represent their brand. We created a sleek and modern logo that reflected their innovative approach to electric vehicle technology, while also conveying a sense of energy and power.

The color scheme and typography were chosen carefully to reflect their commitment to sustainability, with clean lines and a fresh, vibrant palette that conveyed a sense of simplicity and purity. Throughout the process, we were mindful of delivering high-quality work within the given budget and timeline constraints. We worked efficiently and effectively, keeping communication lines open with our clients to ensure that their needs and expectations were met at every step of the way.

The final result was a stunning branding and identity that perfectly captured Joulez EV's commitment to sustainability and innovation. We are confident that the modern and vibrant branding approach will help Joulez EV to stand out in the competitive market of electric vehicle technology and attract the right audience.

Year : 2022

Services : Branding, Identity and Collaterals

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